Mr. Pin

Mary Elise Monsell
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Welcome to the diner...

Mr. Pin at Smiling Sally's Diner
illustration by Eileen Christelow

Welcome to the diner, home and office of penguin detective Mr. Pin. This is also where you'll find out about author Mary Elise Monsell.

Pull up a stool. Order a shake, preferably chocolate. Make yourself at home. While you're at it, you might want to check out Mary Elise Monsell's first book called Underwear. And then there's Toohy and Wood, Crackle Creek, and Armadillo. Or read on to find out more about Mr. Pin.

Some time back, Mr. Pin came to Chicago from the South Pole. Here's what happened just as he hopped out of the bus in the windy city:

Suddenly a rock hit a streetlight. Glass splintered. A black car squealed around the corner and disappeared.

Mr. Pin picked up the rock. A note was attached. “Pay up or else,” it said.

“Could be trouble,” Mr. Pin said out loud, putting the rock into his black bag. “Looks like I arrived in Chicago just in time.”

That rock was headed for Smiling Sally's Diner, but Mr. Pin was on the case! Find out more about Mr. Pin and other books by Mary Elise Monsell. Click on any of these links:

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