Mr. Pin

Mary Elise Monsell
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The Mysterious Cases of Mr. Pin,
      Vol. I

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Mr. Pin and his sidekick Maggie work together to rid Chicago of a band of ruthless gangsters, an art thief, and a crook who is more than a little curious about a clay pigeon. Could something valuable be inside? Mr. Pin has a sharp eye for clues, unusual talents, and a strong taste for chocolate.

Mr. Pin: The Chocolate Files
      Vol. II

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Will Mr. Pin survive a "case" of bad chocolate? Can priceless dinosaur eggs be found? And just who is Mort Chisel? In a second story, an opera conductor with a mysterious name disappears in a cloud of blue smoke.

The Spy Who Came North From the Pole, Mr. Pin
      Vol. III

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"…the rock hopper penguin chuckled softly to himself, turned away from the diner, and disappeared into the fog. A moment later the lights in Smiling Sally's Diner went out." Could famous penguin detective Mr. Pin be involved in a crime? In another case, Cubs manager Walter Wavemin (wave 'em in) needs Mr. Pin's help. Chicago sees double in two pun-filled mysteries.

A Fish Named Yum, Mr. Pin
      Vol. IV

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Could master spy Gargoyle be back? And what would he want with an innocent fish? In a second story, Chicago shuts down and penguin detective Mr. Pin brings his chocolate expertise to the case.

Read about Eileen Christelow, Mr. Pin's illustrator.

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A baseball pitcher, an art thief, a master spy, and more!

'Lively plotting, staccato, deadpan delivery in whimsical parody of Dashiell Hammett; an economical style and carefully controlled repetition of ideas and phrases … and an engaging hero … genuinely funny, brief mysteries."

"Kids will like this penguin detective … and will cheer him on."
      —ALA Booklist