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For Students and Teachers

Students and teachers are always asking for writing prompts. Here are a few I put together some time ago. Keep writing!
    © Mary Elise Monsell 1998

“I don't know what to write about.”                
“You can write about anything.

You can write about ...

The moon between tree branches
A flower in your hand
How a cat sleeps
How a dog yawns
How a sheep is sheared
The exact color of dawn
The way waves move in the sea
How long a day feels
Why you love your grandmother or grandfather or brother or sister or mother or father
The very saddest thing that happened to you
The very best thing that happened to you
Why fruit has skin
Why some things stay underground, like potatoes or carrots or onions or tunneling creatures
Why it's hard to wake up in the morning
Why baseball is the best thing
How the rain makes you feel
Why clouds ought to be eaten for lunch
Why leaves fall a certain way
Why Thanksgiving is so special
When a painting makes you cry
The sound of snow falling
What happens when you get your hair cut
What would happen if your brother cut your hair
What makes a wind chime chime
What it's like when a city is quiet
What it's like to pet a horse
What is the noisiest thing
What is the most peaceful thing
What would happen if you could tell people what to do
Why the world spins the way it does
What would happen if the world spun backwards
What if you told someone you loved them
What if there were no more things to say
What if there was no more fighting
What if there were peace all of the time
How much you are loved

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