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Toohy and Wood

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Though Toohy and Wood begins with a great loss, what happens next is what is so important in life and in this story. With humor and caring, a crusty turtle named Wood helps Toohy discover that what he really wants is within his heart.

'The author of several witty fantasies (Crackle Creek, 1990) creates another animal world, this time treating a serious theme with gentle dignity. Toohy is a lizard whose simple joys include sitting on a fence and entertaining in his cozy underground home. When fire sweeps their area, his dearest friend Pearl, a motherly dove who had planned to teach Toohy to read, is killed, while the wisecracking toads who enlivened their parties disappear. Clinging to Peal's violin, Toohy escapes underground and lands in new territory – on the roof of Wood, a turtle who keeps a bait shop. How gruff Wood takes Toohy in, helps him pursue his wistful quest for a new fence, shares his poetry, and teaches him to read ("Pearl would like that," says Toohy; "Fence lizard,"replies the turtle, "someday, you will like that") makes a quietly reassuring story: Though Toohy says little about his grief, he is comforted; though dispossessed, he finds hope of a new home.'


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